Notice of Public Hearing
2020 CDBG-Neighborhood Revitalization Application
Town of Parmele

On October 29, 2019 at 7:00 PM in the Roberson Chapel Word of Life Ministries, Inc located at 4014 US Hwy 64 East in Parmele, NC, the Parmele Mayor and Board of Commissioners will conduct a public hearing to receive comments on a possible application for CDBG-Neighborhood Revitalization (CDBG-NR) funds. Parmele intends to submit an application for up to $750,000. Activities can include low moderate income owner occupied housing improvement activities and activities which support these housing activities such as utility, street, and drainage, community/neighborhood/recreation facilities, housing for the homeless, shelters for domestic violence victims, transitional housing, removal of barriers that restrict mobility and access of the elderly or disabled, shelters for persons having special needs, and parks, playgrounds and greenways. The proposed program will not invol­untarily displace or temporarily relocate and individuals as a result of the program. The public is encouraged to attend and may provide comment on proposed use of CDBG fund. Parmele will respond to all written comments within 10 calendar days. Parmele encourages comments and will make good faith efforts to involve historically underutilized businesses and Section 3 individuals and businesses in execution of the program.

Persons with disabilities or who otherwise need assistance should contact the person listed below at least one day in advance of the hearing. Accommodations will be made for all who request assistance with participating in the public hearing. This information is available in Spanish or any other language upon request. Please contact the individual listed below to accommodate this request. Esta información esta disponible en espanol o en cual­quier otro idioma a petición. Póngase en contacto con el individuo enumerado a continuación para dar cabida a esta solicitud.

For more information, contact Town Clerk Cynthia McNally at (252) 795-4600.

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